otto painting design is a highly specialized decorative paint and plaster firm that is dedicated to creating wall finishes that have sensitivity to the architecture and interior design of the spaces in which they have been applied. it is our desire to create organic finishes that reflect an individual’s relationship to their interior. we have finished thousands of square feet of unique surface ranging from the quiet visual elegance of a french brush to the earthy hues of a tactile bees wax plaster.

in keeping with a modern approach and the changing style of design, opd is committed to being a comprehensive source of paint and plaster style, treatment, technique, and material. our veneer plasters are applied in refined multiple layers to imply texture without a heavy feel making them as appropriate in a modern setting as they are in a traditional interior. paint finishes can be worked to a subtle blend making the technique secondary to the overall effect.

otto painting design’s finishes are a backdrop for interior design created to enhance architecture.


photo by john reed forsman for decorating magazine